Realty Investment Exhibition is designed to meet the most influential players from all sectors of the real estate industry. It brings the entire value chain to together and gives unrivaled access to the greatest number of development projects and properties. Our participants include Investors & Financial Institution, Developers and Architects

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About Us

Realty Investment Expo is a flagship product by Event Expertzz with presence in Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai in India.
It has also extended its reach to international waters with Property Exhibitions in Singapore, Dubai and Durban.

Realty Investment Expo has been conceptualised to bring together leading real estate players, investors and developers in the realty market under a single roof. Our exhibitions give home buyers and investors the rare opportunity to research, review and finally validate their real estate investments in a single setting.


To remain a competitive and viable brand dedicated to cutting-edge innovations and service in the property exhibition industry. Providing the best space for our clients to maximize profit and expand their territories is our major priority. We strive to be a premier global force for stakeholders in the real estate industry, to create a conducive field to nurture businesses through networking, marketing by providing a credible sales platform.


To bring inspiration, innovation and a human touch to the real estate industry. We also want to be known for our performance and dedication to provide excellence to home buyers and real estate leaders.


Our guiding principle has been to bring together the crème de la crème in the real estate industry under one umbrella. We’re passionate about our priority – our clients and partners – as we work at being leaders in the property exhibition space.

Our guiding principle is to explore best practices in the industry to meet the ever-growing demand of the realty market.


We’re a brand you can rely on to provide you with the best platform to showcase your project in any part of the world. We have your interests at the core of our policies and standards whether you’re a developer, investor, home buyer or a builder. Our business is fully-integrated and highly advanced to cater to all your needs.